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A Giant's Birthday
by Dennis Meredith
A tribute to the 200-inch Hale Telescope — and to the men who created it and have used it with distinction for 30 years.

Genes, Cells, and Behavior: A View of Biology Fifty Years Later
by Norman Horowitz
Reports on their recent research by some of the most outstanding alumni of Caltech's biology division.

Developing Our Geothermal Energy
by Carel Otte
Alumnus Otte (MS '50, PhD '54) tells why geothermal development can be a significant factor in the effort to change our current energy consumption patterns.

Henry Borsook - How It Was (Part Two)
A chapter from the oral history of Caltech — by a professor of biochemistry emeritus.

Albert Who?
The 100th anniversary of the birth of Albert Einstein gives Caltech students a reason to throw a party — and E&S its third birthday story in the same issue.

Richard F. Webb, 1910-1979
A Tribute by Hallett Smith