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VLBI - A New Frontier in Astronomy
by Anthony Readhead
Using a nationwide network of radio telescopes and the technique called very long baseline interferometry, radio astronomers may some day be able to see relatively fine detail in objects up to 10 billion light years from earth.

A Report Card for American Education
by Shirley Hufstedler
The first Secretary of Education describes the nature and needs of the nation's educational system.

Integrated Optoelectronics
by Amnon Yariv
An electrical engineer and his colleagues at Caltech have at last achieved an integrated optoelectronic circuit on a single layered crystal- thus signaling the beginning of a new technology.

Frederick C. Lindvall- How It Was
The second of two chapters in the Oral History of Caltech, as recounted by an emeritus professor of engineering, who was for 24 years chairman of the engineering division.

Ripeness Is All
by Harold McGee
A chapter from a book by a Caltech alumnus on the biology and chemistry of everyday food materials and culinary techniques.

Jon Mathews, 1932-1979
A tribute by Robert L. Walker.