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Is California "Overdue" for a Great Earthquake?
by Kerry Sieh
If we can expect another great earthquake in California, when will it happen - in 1000 days or 1000 years?

What It Means to be Dammed: The Anthropology of Large-Scale Development Projects in the Tropics and Subtropics.
by Thayer Scudder
A Caltech anthropologist discusses a four-stage development framework that may explain the relative success or failure of new lands settlement projects

Women and Marriage in Medieval Society
by Eleanor Searle
A historian points out that the feudal world was a face-to-face society in which women participated in important activities and were expected to submit to social discipline like their men.

The Fairchild Scholars Program
A program to promote scholarship through interaction is alive and well at Caltech. But how does it work?

The Triple Alliance: Millikan, Guggenheim, and von Karman
by Harold McGee
A chapter from a book by a Caltech alumnus on the biology and chemistry of everyday food materials and culinary techniques.

Research in Progress
Pre-Life Amendment: Studies of other solar system atmospheres generate new theories about how life may have begun on Earth.

Going Against the Grain: Engineering research seeks to understand how granular materials flow.

The Great Solar Blackout of 1980
by Peter Dewees
A Calteeh alumnus recounts an adventure in India.