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Seeing under the Sahara: Spaceborne Imaglng Radar
by Charles Elachi
A report on how spaceborne radar really can see beneath the surface of the earth — and the trip the author took to prove it.

An Applied Mathematician's Apology
by John Miles
Alumnus John Miles makes the point — not really apologetically — that applied mathematics is primarily, if not wholly, concerned with the understanding of nature.

A Unified Vision
Pictures from Baxter Art Gallery's recent show on Caltech's early architects and architecture reveal a relationship between the Institute's buildings and its educational commitments.

Insight into Sight
by David Van Essen
Mapping the functional subdivisions of the visual cortex in monkeys may lead to understanding of the basic principles of visual perception.


Research in Progress
Hex Sign — Budget Politics

Retirements — 1983
Burton H. Klein — Heinz A. Lowenstam — James O. McCaldin — Ray D. Owen

Random Walk
Ray E. Untereiner, 1898-1983, by Robert Oliver — People Power — Information Resource