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The Surge of an Alaskan Glacier: A Moving Experience
Caltech geologist and geophysicist Barclay Kamb has learned that glaciers do not always move at a glacial pace. Since 1973 he has been doing research to find out why.

Innocence and Experience in the Immune System
by Ellen Rothenberg
Understanding how and why certain cells in the immune system become "educated" may eventually give biologists clues to what causes them to go awry and create immune deficiency and autoimmune conditions.

Dams and Earthquake Safety
by John F. Hall
Civil engineers are trying to develop mathematical models to explain the behavior of dams under the stress of earthquake shaking — a complex problem with high stakes in a correct solution.

Lewis Thomas, Global Habitability, and Earth Satellites
by S.I. Rasool
In our last issue, Lewis Thomas urged speedy adoption of the Global Habitability Program by NASA. Here, a distinguished atmospheric physicist describes some of the difficulties involved.

Henry Borsook, 1897 –1984
a tribute by Norman H. Horowitz


Research in Progress
Magnetic Monopoles — Sickle Cell Anemia


Random Walk
Women's Suffrage — Merit Increase — Better Late Than Never