Engineering and Science, Volume 48:5, May 1985

Engineering and Science, Volume 48:5, May 1985. [Journal Issue]

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Table of Contents

In This Issue

The Southern California Skeptics investigate claims of the paranormal.

Human Chromosomes —
Down's Disorder and the Binder's Mistakes

by Daniel J. Kevles
In the 1950s a convergence of different approaches to human cytogenetics produced astonishing insights into the effects of chromosomal anomalies.

25 Years of Space Photography
Images from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's unmanned space exploration missions are exhibited at Baxter Art Gallery.

The Theory of Schrödinger Operators: What's It All About?
by Barry Simon
Study of the Hamiltonian operators of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics contributes to both mathematics and physics.


Research in Progress
Making Waves
Fly Antibodies and Human Brains: A Marriage of Ideas

Shirley M. Hufstedler

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