Engineering and Science, Volume 49:2, November 1985

Engineering and Science, Volume 49:2, November 1985. [Journal Issue]

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Table of Contents

In This Issue

The Cartesian Cut
by Max Delbrück
A chapter from his posthumously published book Mind from Matter? discusses the subjective and objective nature of physical reality.

Catching Some Zs
by David Hitlin and Rafe Schindler
A Caltech group is designing and building a detector for Z0 particles produced by electron-positron annihilation.

The Great Pterodactyl Project
by Paul MacCready
The "father of human-powered flight" is currently testing a replica of a giant prehistoric flying reptile, scheduled to take wing next year.

Interstellar SURFing
Seven students investigate the feasibility of sending probes to other solar systems.


Research in Progress
A New Infectious Agent
A New Cellular Organelle

Random Walk

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