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by Marvin L. Goldberger

Chemical Synthesis: A New Lab Gets It Together
The new interdisciplinary laboratory reflects a revolution in chemistry and challenges some traditional barriers.

The Beckmans and Caltech: Sixty Years of Friendship
Arnold and Mabel Beckman arrived at Caltech in 1926 and have, in spirit, never really left.

The Insect as Synthetic Chemist:
Chemical Aspects of Defense, Courtship, and Mate Selection

by Jerrold Meinwald
The Beckman Lecture reveals the sophistication of insects' chemical signals.

Fifty Years of Beckman Instruments
How a multi-billion-dollar company grew out of a pH meter built for a friend.

Raised Arches, or, You Can Go Home Again
The Calder arches, banished since Throop Hall was demolished, return to grace the new lab's facade.

The Spectrophotometers That Would Not Die
A couple of Beckman instruments have survived at Caltech for a very long time.