Table of Contents

How We Almost Solved the Problem of Why the 1987 Baseball Went Farther (If It Did) Than the 1986 Baseball
by Ronald F. Scott
An opportunity to hit a home run for science falls short.

It's as Simple as One, Two, Three ...
by Richard P. Feynman
The sequel to Surely You're Joking tells how to investigate your own 'time sense.'

Have You Used Your 4 Million Transistors Yet This Year?
Four experts discuss what we can expect from microcomputers in the future.

The Answer Is Not Necessarily the Solution
by Robert L. Sinsheimer
The commencement speaker urges 1988 graduates to comprehend other perspectives.


Lab Notes: Voting in the Dark; The Methane-Eaters

Books: The Business of Science by Simon Ramo

SURFboard: Moonlighting

Random Walk