Table of Contents

Caltech-JPL Collaboration

Neural Networks: The Caltech-JPL Connection
Artificial neural networks loosely based on biological systems have become a hot research area. Caltech and JPL helped revitalize the field and continue to lead it.

Tunnel Vision
At JPL's Microdevices Lab and Caltech's chemistry division, innovations in scanning tunneling microscopy are providing atomic-resolution views of surfaces and below them.

Sharing Supercomputers
The Caltech Concurrent Supercomputer Facility connects campus and JPL to enormous computation resources; one of its machines was developed in a joint effort.

Camera Ready (Telescope Not)
Designing and building the Wide-Field/Planetary Camera was a successful collaborative venture; now the camera's second generation may come to the Hubble Space Telescope's rescue.

Steady As She Goes
Orbiting telescopes must remain rock-steady. "Active structures" that damp out their own vibrations may be the answer.

Random Walk