Table of Contents

The Real California Lottery: Your Income Tax
by Jeffrey Dubin
You stand a much better chance of being audited than winning the lottery. A Caltech economist takes a look at the audit process.

Mitochondrial DNA: The Second Genetic System
by Giuseppe Attardi
The complete sequence of human mitochondrial DNA and the functions of the proteins it encodes are known; now researchers are tracking its role in disease and aging.

Heinz Lowenstam: Paleontologist in Palestine 1935-36
To annoy his Nazi professors, a young German Jew selected a somewhat unusual venue for his dissertation work, described in an excerpt from his oral history.


Lab Notes: From the Great Red Spot to Protein Blots

SURFboard: Light Beams Trap Heavy Atoms

Books: Mrs. Humphrey Ward by John Sutherland

Obituaries: David R. Smith

Random Walk