Table of Contents

Lasers, Mirrors, and Gravitational Waves
by Frederick J. Raab
Einstein predicted that ripples exist in the fabric of time and space, but they haven't been found yet. Now the technology exists to catch these waves, and it's all done with mirrors.

The Thomas Hunt Morgan Era in Biology
by Judith R. Goodstein
A chapter from a new book on Caltech's history tells how Morgan, his lab, and his fruit flies were all imported from New York to California.

Fifty Years Ago: The Neurospora Revolution
by Norman H. Horowitz
George Beadle published a paper in the fall of 1941 that established the relation between genetics and biology and inaugurated the age of molecular biology.

Forty-five Snowy I
by Ralph Leighton
In the last decade before his death Richard Feynman and his fellow drummer made various ill-fated attempts to go to Tuva — land of wonderful postage stamps.


Lab Notes: Magma: Champagne of the Gods?


Random Walk