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Robots That Crawl, Walk, and Slither
by Joel W. Burdick
The next generation of robots may include robotic snakes and tentacles capable of doing things that traditional robots can't.

Double Fault: The Landers Earthquake
The recent 7.5 quake along two fault segments near Los Angeles provided an unparalleled opportunity for Caltech geologists and seismologists.

The Genius of Michael Faraday
by Sir John Meurig Thomas
One of the greatest experimental scientists of all time was also one of the first to popularize science in public lectures.

The Committee
by John H. Rubel
Following Pearl Harbor, Caltech mobilized in some very curious ways to defend itself from attack. A senior at the time affectionately recalls the pandemonium.


Lab Notes: "Fall In!"

Books: The Chemical Bond: Structure and Dynamics edited by Ahmed Zewail; The Gold Bug Variation by Richard Powers

Random Walk