Table of Contents

When a Body Hits a Body Comin' Through the Sky
by Douglas L. Smith
A string of comet fragments will plow into Jupiter in July of 1994, and planetary scientists are planning to make the most of the show. Here's what they hope to see.

Baja California: The Geology of Rifting
by Joann M. Stock
The Pacific and North America tectonic plates are sliding past each other in California, but south of the Mexican border, they are pulling apart.

Of Symmetries and Factories, Matter and Antimatter
by Alan J. Weinstein
An elusive subatomic particle called the B decays in a way that violates a fundamental symmetry of nature. Physicists hope to study this decay pattern at a "B Factory," as learning its secrets may explain why there is more matter than antimatter in the universe today.


Books: The Search for E. T. Bell by Constance Reid; The Golem: What Everyone Should Know about Science by Harry Collins and Trevor Pinch


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