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Any Color You Like
by Douglas L. Smith
Some crystals change color or bend light in response to an electric field. A Caltech-JPL-industry collaboration uses basic chemistry to design plastics that do the same thing, only faster.

The Owens Valley Radio Observatory: Early Years
by Marshall H. Cohen
The U.S. lagged behind Europe and Australia in radio astronomy until the late 1950s, when Caltech erected two giant dishes at the foot of the Sierra Nevada.

Farrer Park
by Peter Ward Fay
Backed by the Japanese, an Indian army, now largely forgotten, fought the British during World War II. Though it was crushed on the battlefield, it hastened the coming of independence.


Lab Notes: But Only Dogs Can Hear It; The Gamma Gambit

Books: The Strands of a Life by Robert L. Sinsheimer


Random Walk