Table of Contents

Not in the Books
by George W. Beadle

Chemical Genetics
by Norman H. Horowitz

Caltech's Division of Biology is 19 Years Old
by Alfred H. Sturtevant

by Alfred H. Sturtevant

Animal Biochemistry
by Henry Borsook

Variations on a Theme—Plant Growth
by James F. Bonner

Animal Physiology Combines Muscles, Nerves, and Electrons
by A. H. van Harreveld

Precision with Carbon—Bio-Organic Chemistry
by A. J. Haagen-Smit

First Collect the Specimens—The Marine Lab
by George E. MacGinitie

Engineering the Air-Conditioned Greenhouse
by Frits W. Went and H. O. Eversole

Pre-Med at the Institute
by Henry Borsook

The Egg in Kerckhoff
by Albert Tyler

Fellowships in Biology
by George W. Beadle