Table of Contents

Geology at the Institute
by Chester Stock

The Gem Deposits of Southern California
by Richard H. Jahns

Unusual Opportunities for Training in Geophysics at C.I.T.
by John P. Buwalda

The Seismological Laboratory and Earthquake Study
by C. F. Richter

Ore Minerals Under the Microscope
by James A. Noble

Geologic Faulting in Southern California
by John P. Buwalda
The Process, Its Effects, and Its Consequences

A Geophysicist X-Rays Mother Earth
by Beno Gutenberg

Petrology at the California Institute
by Ian Campbell

Seismological Instruments Developed at C.I.T.
by Hugo Benioff

Geomorphology—The Science of Today's Geology
by Robert P. Sharp

Uncovering the Ancient Life of Mexico
by Chester Stock

Alumni News