Table of Contents

Designing Molecular Machines to Read the Genetic Blueprint
by Peter B. Dervan
Caltech chemists are building molecular machines that should help biologists to pick out one gene from among the 100,000 or so it takes to make a human being.

The Future of the Universe
by Stephen W. Hawking
Will the universe last forever or collapse in a Big Crunch? Only an oracle can tell.

The Authorship Question; or Will the Real William Shakespeare Please Stand Up?
by Jenijoy La Belle
A Caltech professor of literature takes on the doubters, even though the belief that the man from Stratford actually wrote it himself won't bring her fame and fortune.

Sidney Weinbaum: Politics at Mid-Century
Sentenced to prison for perjury in 1950, a Caltech alumnus recalls the "Red scare" in his oral history.



SURFboard: Do What I Mean
by Douglas L. Smith

Lab Notes: Cleared for Takeoff
by Douglas L. Smith

Random Walk