Table of Contents

Random Walk
How's My Driving? CALL 1-800-NASA-JPL; Man of the Year; Twenty-five Years of Women at Caltech — But Who's Counting; More Things to Worry About; Still More Things to Worry About; Decompression Chili Heats Up Students; Close-up View of a Galatic Nucleus; A Brief History of Nakedness

Taxi Drivers and Beauty Contests
by Colin F. Camerer
Real people don't always behave the way classic economic theory says they should. The emerging field of experimental economics is beginning to find out why.

Duck Soup and Lead
by Clair C. Patterson
In this excerpt from his oral history, the late professor of geochemistry talks about meteorites, lead, the age of the earth, lead, the oceans, lead, polar ice, and lead.

I'm Not Driving Fast, I'm Just Flying Low
by Douglas L. Smith
A group of aeronautics grad students and Caltech's 10-foot wind tunnel are enlisted in pursuit of a land-speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.


Faculty File