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Deep Into That Darkness Peering
by Douglas L. Smith
The first of two ten-meter telescopes, collectively known as the W. M. Keck Observatory, is dedicated on the summit of Mauna Kea. The telescope should be open for business this year.

Exploring the Gamma Ray Sky
by Thomas A. Prince
The Gamma Ray Observatory, less than a year in orbit, is yielding new insight into such exotic astrophysical objects as supernovae, neutron stars, and black holes.

Planting SEEDS
by Winifred J. Veronda
A couple of Caltech professors (along with students, postdocs, and alumni) take hands-on science to Pasadena schoolchildren and their teachers.

SURFboard: Chute the Works

Books: Five Billion Vodka Bottles to the Moon by Iosif Shklovsky


Random Walk