Table of Contents

Random Walk

50 Years in Space
by Douglas L. Smith
International leaders in the space and aeronautics industry convened at Caltech to share their thoughts on the first 50 years of space exploration-and what's in store for the future.

Auctioning off the FCC's Crown Jewels
by Elisabeth Nadin
When the FCC recently auctioned off bandwidth previously reserved for broadcast television, Caltech researchers were enlisted to ensure that everyone got a fair shot at the prized goods.

When Cells of a Feather Don't Flock Together
by Marcus Woo
Cells don't behave the same way, even if they're nearly identical. So how do they decide what to do?

Ad Astra per GALCIT
by Douglas L. Smith
A new master's degree program launches graduate students into the space industry.


Obituaries: Seymour Benzer, David C. Elliot, Herbert B. Keller