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Random Walk

Sustainable Energy—Without the Hot Air
by David Mackay
The numbers used in the sustainable-energy debate often confuse more than clarify. This simple common-sense analysis may help.

Discovering New Worlds
by Marcus Y. Woo
In an interview, astronomer John Johnson talks about the search for new planets and the rapidly evolving field of exoplanet astronomy.

Addicted to Nicotine
by Michael Torrice
Instead of sending you into convulsions, a cigarette can mellow you out and sharpen your mind. How nicotine works its magic in your brain is now becoming clear.

In Memoriam: Andrew Lange, Hans W. Leipmann

Obituaries: R. David Middlebrook, Edwin S. Munger

Books — On Fact and Fraud: Cautionary Tales from the Front Lines of Science by David Goodstein