Table of Contents

Random Walk

Be Aware of Your Inner Zombie
by Andrew Porterfield
"Zombie systems" allow us to do routine things like driving to work on autopilot while we think about something else. Studying them may tell us how consciousness works.

"Like It or Not, We Are Living on This Planet"
by Heidi Aspaturian
Earthquakes, volcanoes, and climate change, oh my! A geophysicist and a geobiologist put our current geologic thrill ride into perspective.

Sex, Flies, and Videotape
by Douglas L. Smith
A marriage of computer science and biology is exploring the neural roots of fruit-fly behavior. The work could eventually lead to insights into human emotions, or at least to computer systems capable of recognizing them.


Jerrold E. Marsden, Ralph W. Kavanagh, Thad Vreeland, Jr.