Table of Contents

The Water Seeker by Remi A. Nadeau
The Philosophy of Mathematics by Edward A. Maziarz
Internal Ballistics of Solid-Fuel Rockets by R. N. Wimpress
Viruses 1959 edited by M. Delbruck
Secret by Michael Amrine


Radioisotopes in Industry
These new research tools have already revolutionized research in the biological sciences. Now they threaten to do the same thing in industry.
by Jerome Kohl

Biologists Hit the Beach
Summer Session at the Corona Marine Lab

Caricatures of Men in Science
by E. C. Watson

25,000 Year Old Horse
by Chester Stock

Bone Man
by William V. Otto, Sculptor and Preparator in the Division of Geological Sciences

Campus News:

The Summer at Caltech

Alumni News

Alumni Fund
Report of the Third Year, 1949-1950