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Merchant Sail by William Armstrong Fairburn and Ethel M. Ritchie
Elastic Waves in Layered Media by W. M. Ewing, W. S. Jardetzky and Frank Press


Two Wings of Four?
By turning a two-winged fly into a four-winged one, Caltech geneticists produce a working model for picturing the genetic control of development.
by Edward B. Lewis

The Campus
Some samples of a new collection of photographs by Thomas W. Harvey

The Best Is None Too Good
By 1972 the American people may be sending about 50 percent of their children to college. How will we make room for them? How we will pay the bill? And what quality shall the education be?
by L. A. DuBridge

Campus News:

The Month at Caltech

Student Life
Here we go again.
by Brad Efron, '60

Alumni Scholar