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Solar Energy: True God or False Prophet?
by Bruce Murray
We face major adjustments as the world's oil supply is consumed. Is solar energy a genuine alternative?

The Moon and Beyond
by Bevan M. French, MS '60
No longer just our satellite, the moon has become a base and a proving ground, no longer a destination but a way station on the road of continuing exploration.

The Future of Japane—Continuity and Discontinuity in Social Change
by Michio Nagai
It may only be a matter of time before Japan follows in the footsteps of Great Britain and becomes a country like "Little" Britain, with a new style of life enforced by circumstances.

Fifty Years at the Seismo Lab

Glitter: Gems or Gyps?
by George Rossman, PhD '71
The variation of color in minerals makes the difference between a valuable gem and a worthless stone. So, naturally, there are many ingenious ways to manipulate that color. A mineralogist describes some of the possible pitfalls.

Recollections of Iam Campbell
by Robert P. Sharp, BS '34, MS '35