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The Aerodynamic Drag of Road Vehicles — Past, Present, and Future
by William H, Bettes
A Caltech engineer discusses the importance of aerodynamic design as the easiest and most economical way to reduce the fuel consumption of our road vehicles.

The Motte and Bailey Castle: Instrument of a Revolution
by Michel Bur
The most important factor in the acquisition of power in Europe during the 10th and 11th centuries was the possession of a motte and bailey castle.

Star Stuff
by Dennis Meredith
Humans may never reach the stars, but in a real sense the stars have already reached us in the form of bombardment by cosmic rays. Scientists at Caltech's Space Radiation Laboratory are active in trying to understand the nature and origin of these particles.


Research in Progress
Ocean Motion — Proton Pool

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Healthful Change

Random Walk
Keeping the Block Rolling — Medals for Merit