Table of Contents

Shift Happens
by Douglas L. Smith
The Loma Prieta earthquake and a new generation of high-tech equipment gave scientists a close-up look at the San Andreas fault. They found some surprises.

Structural Behavior During the Loma Prieta Earthquake
by John F. Hall
Although modern engineering prevented widespread damage, some older structures collapsed under strong shaking. Investigations are showing why.

by Ronald F. Scott
Houses tilt and settle, water pipes rise and break, little "volcanoes" appear in the sand. What's going on here?

George W. Housner: How It Was
In an excerpt from his oral history, the "father of earthquake engineering" describes the origins and development of this field in California.


SURFboard: The Glass Menagerie
by Douglas L. Smith

Lab Notes: Taming Turbulence
by Douglas L. Smith

Books: Microcosm: The Quantum Revolution in Economics and Technology by George Gilder

Random Walk