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Random Walk

Listening In On the Cerebellum
by Douglas L. Smith
Everybody knows that the cerebellum is the seat of coordination. Or is it? New studies may overturn long-held theories about what the cerebellum does.

El Niño and Global Warming: What's Happening to Our Weather?
by Andrew P. Ingersoll
This winter has been wetter than usual, and last summer was hotter than usual. A planetary scientist talks about what we can and cannot predict about our weather.

The Inauguration of David Baltimore
by Maxine F. Singer
Much has changed since George Ellery Hale's day, but Caltech's new president has a lot in common with its founder

by Jay A. Labinger
On the Surface of Things by Felice Frankel and George M. Whitesides

Obituaries: David Wood

Faculty File