Engineering and Science, Volume 29:2, November 1965

Engineering and Science, Volume 29:2, November 1965. [Journal Issue]

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Table of Contents

Books | html | pdf |
Of Men and Galaxies by Fred Hoyle
Galaxies, Nuclei, and Quasars by Fred Hoyle
Foundations of Solid Mechanics by Y. C. Fung
Ideas in Modern Biology edited by John A. Moore
The Architecture of Molecules by Linus Pauling and Roger Hayward
Space Propulsion by Donald L. Turcotte


Richard P. Feynman—Nobel Prizewinner | html | pdf |

The Winds of Change in Aeronautics | html | pdf |
by Peter Lissaman
Some exciting innovations in aeronautics may have far-reaching effects on transportation.

Princess Margaret at Caltech | pdf |

Ikeya-Seki, Rare Visitor | pdf |

Conformational Changes | html | pdf |
Caltech scientists study molecules that twist and flip-flop at very high speeds.

In Memoriam:

Royal W. Sorensen | html | pdf |

Campus News:

Alumni News | html | pdf |

Personals | html | pdf |

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